Different Surfaces That Commercial Painting Professionals Can Work On

Make Your Building Attractive

Painting a commercial building is much different from painting a residential one. This is because of the different surfaces and materials. Most likely, you will be working on a concrete surface in a commercial building. To make sure that your painting job is done properly, it is important to learn about the different materials and surfaces. Here are the different surfaces in a commercial building that the commercial painting experts can work on:


Concrete is a material that is not easy to paint. The surface is not smooth, and it does not accept paint easily. To achieve a good paint job, you need to use special pre-painting methods. If you are painting the concrete surface, make sure to hire an expert. They will be able to paint your concrete surfaces properly.


Fiberglass is another material that is not easy to paint. It is not porous, so you do not have to worry about moisture. However, it is not flexible. So, be sure that you use the right painting methods. You can consult an expert for advice. They will be able to give you the right tips and tricks that you need to ensure a successful and quality painting service for your commercial building.


Masonry surfaces are the easiest to paint. They are porous and flexible, and they allow the paint to easily adhere to the surface. You can use water-based paints to paint your masonry surfaces. It is important to use the right materials for your masonry painting projects.

If you want to give a commercial painting job a try, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. If you are not confident about the process, you can always consider professional help. Redmond Pro Painting LLC is one of the trusted painters in Redmond, WA. If you need our help, you can call us at (425) 200-7168.

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