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Top Commercial Building Colors to Try This Year  

There are dozens of ways to bring out a gorgeous building. One of the most effective includes choosing a stunning paint color for the outdoor structure. To achieve a smooth result, book a reliable commercial painting service.

Exceptional commercial space colors to try:

Navy Blue

For offices and business properties, blues are always an ideal option because it sets a professional tone. On the other hand, it’s also a peaceful, cool, and calming shade, which perfectly sets a balance inside a hectic and busy environment. Opt for this tint if you want a property that provides focus, relaxation, and concentration at the same time.

Pale Oak

A pale oak color looks subtle, light, and neat to the eyes. Also, it helps reduce tension and stress levels, which is excellent if your business requires a lot of movement and quick tasks. Owning a business can be stressful, so to calm things down, turn to a tint that says it all. Pale oak might be the restful shade you need.


Bring out a sunny and motivational feel to your commercial space by applying a fresh new coat of yellow paint to the exterior walls. This joyful color will help emphasize positivity and productivity in your property. It is a perfect option for property owners who want their place to look welcoming and inviting. Schedule the right commercial painting service to see a vivid finish!

Brick Red

For a bold and magnificent look, consider shades of red like brick red or even crimson. This shade is eye-catching and sleek without looking too dominant or daring. Pair it with the white window trim, and your building will be one of the most stylish in the area. It’s great for hotels, offices, and even hardware stores.

For your commercial painting needs, get in touch with an expert like Redmond Pro Painting LLC. We can help you achieve a more impressive building in Redmond, WA. Call our team at (425) 200-7168 for inquiries and bookings today.

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